How do I connect Garmin Express to Garmin?

Garmin Express may be a tool that helps you to manage and update your Garmin devices. you're required to stay your device updated with the newest software and maps. this may assist you in recuperating and more accurate information. Garmin Express application is best for updating your device because it sends the notification whenever the update is out there . For using the last word features of Garmin Express, you want to visit “”. 

System Requirements

Before downloading and installation, your system must be compatible with Garmin Express. For this, you want to make sure that your system fulfills all the given minimum requirements. Fulfilling them will assist you in getting a smooth and error-free installation experience. 

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Operating System- Windows 7 SP1 or newer, Microsoft .NET 4.5.2 

Display- 1024 x 768 display with USB port

RAM- 1 GB 

Hard Disk Space- Up to twenty GB free disc space 

Good internet connectivity must be there. 


Operating System- OS X 10.11 or newer

Display- 1440 x 900 display, USB port and 

RAM- 1 GB 

Free hard disc Space- Up to twenty GB free space is required

A high-speed Internet connection is additionally needed for mobile and satellite connections.

Download Garmin Express Application

The next step of the method is to download Garmin Express. you'll download the setup file by following the given procedure.

  • Firstly, access an internet browser on your computer.

  • Then, navigate to the official website of Garmin. you'll reach there by typing “” within the address bar.

  • Now, within the next window, move your cursor to the “Discover” tab which is on the upper-side of the screen. 

Once you click this feature , an extended list will display. From the list, tap the “Garmin Express” option. 

In order to succeed in the Garmin Express window directly, type “” within the address bar.

  1. Further, within the next window, you'll get the download link both for Windows and Mac. 

  2. Click the link for downloading the setup file as per your OS . 

  3. Once you click the link, downloading will start automatically. Wait until the method gets completed.

Install Garmin Express

Window Device

For installing Garmin Express on your Windows device, you'll follow the given procedure step-by-step. 

  • Firstly, locate the downloaded setup file on your system.

In general, the system saves the downloaded enter the Downloads folder. Hence, open the Downloads folder. 

Although, if you've got changed the download location, then open the folder where you've got saved your file. 

  • After that, double-click the downloaded setup file of Garmin Express to open it.

  • Then, a Security warning popup box posing for your permission to run the appliance will appear. Click “Run” to allow the appliance . 

  • Further, within the next window, you'll do the following:

  • Read the Garmin terms and conditions by clicking their relevant links. Carefully read the entire document and tick mark the checkbox for accepting the terms and conditions. 

  • Change the installation location if required. For changing, click the “Options” tab from the lower-left corner of the installation window. Then, select the “Browse” tab and choose the specified location. Next, you've got to click “Ok” then tap the “Back” button. 

  • Afterwards, click the “Install” tab. 

  • This will begin the installation process. you'll review the installation process with the progress bar. 

  • After completion of the installation process, hit the “Launch Garmin Express” button.

  • At last, click the “Get Started” option. 

This will successfully install the application on your system. Now, with the assistance of the appliance , you'll keep your Garmin device updated.

Mac Device

Following is that the step by step procedure for installing on your Mac device.

  1. First and foremost, attend the “Downloads Folder” or the situation of your downloaded setup file. 

  2. Then, double-tap the setup file that you simply have downloaded.

  3. After that, click the “Install Garmin Express” icon.

  4. Now, a popup box will display. within the box, click the “Continue” tab for confirming the installation process. 

  5.  Then, move further by again clicking the “Continue” option.

  6. This will open the “License Agreement For Garmin Software” window. Garmin suggests reading the entire information provided within the document. This document will tell you about data collection, data usage, all other Garmin activities associated with your privacy and data. Hence, you want to read the agreement carefully. 

  7. After reading, click the “Continue” option. 

  8. Further, you've got to simply accept their terms and conditions by clicking the “Agree” button. 

  9. To move further, hit the “Install” button within the next window that appears. 

  10. Next, provide your Mac administrator username and password to permit the installation process. 

  11. After that, click the “Install Software” option. 

  12. Subsequently, the installation process will start. await the successful completion of the method .

  13. At last, click the “Close” tab.

Account Creation-

For updating your maps and software using the Garmin Express, you initially need to create an account. you'll create your account by following the below-mentioned procedure. 

  1. Start the method by opening an internet browser on your device.

  2. Now, move to the online page of Garmin Express. For that, enter “” within the address bar.

  3. Then, from the upper right corner of the screen tap the Profile icon. 

  4. This will display an extended list. From the list, tap the “Create Account” button. you'll get this feature on rock bottom of the screen. 

  5. Further, you've got to enter your personal information for creating a Garmin Express account. Following is that the information that you simply are required to supply .

  • Name: within the first field, provide your name. If creating an account for a 3rd party, then provide the name for whom you're creating the account. 

  • Email Address: Then, you'll be asked to enter the e-mail address that you simply want to link together with your Garmin Express account.

  • Retype Email Address: within the next field, re-type your email address so as to verify it. 

  • Password: Further, create a robust and secure password for your account. 

  • Re-type Password

  1. After providing all the knowledge , you'll tick mark the checkbox. This checkbox is for allowing the Garmin to send you the notifications about the merchandise , the newest Garmin related news, or promotions. 

  2. The next step is to read the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” document. After reading you've got to comply with it by tick marking the checkbox. 

  3. Lastly, hit the “Create Account” button. 

This is how you'll create your account. After this, you'll start using your application for updations or other functions.

Update via Garmin Express Application

nce your Garmin Express is installed successfully, you'll start using the appliance for its various functions. For using the appliance , you initially need to connect your Garmin device together with your system. you'll connect your device with the assistance of USB cable given the merchandise . Attach one end of the USB cable to the device and therefore the other to your system. this may connect your device. Now, you'll move further for using the appliance .

Note: confirm you've got a registered product. If you're employing a new product then firstly catch on registered as this process is predicated on the idea that you simply are employing a registered Garmin device. 

  1. First and foremost, open the Garmin Express application by clicking its icon from the desktop. 

  2. Next, you've got to tap the “Add a Device” icon.

  3. Make sure your device is connected together with your system via USB cable. 

  4. Now, Garmin Express will begin its look for the connected device.

  5.  After the completion of the merchandise search, you've got to click the “Add Device” tab.

  6. In the next window, you'll be asked to sync your Garmin product with the Garmin Connect account. Syncing will allow you to look at and update the info . Hence, for syncing you've got to:

  • Tap the “Sign In” button. 

  • Then, enter your registered email address and password. Provide the credentials same as your Garmin Express account. 

  • Next, click the “Sign in” tab.

If you don’t have a account, then tap the “Create an Account” option and supply all the specified information. Further, follow the on-screen instructions for creating your account. 

  • Thereafter, Garmin asks you to supply a Nickname to your purchased product as per your convenience. 

You can also choose the well-liked language. For this, click the language box then , from the menu select your required language. 

  1. Next, click the “Next” tab.

  2. Afterwards, upload the info on the Garmin Connect account by fixing a wireless connection. you'll do that by clicking the “Find Networks” option. Then, you'll follow the on-screen instructions for successfully connecting to the network. 

  3. Further, hit the “Next” tab. 

  4. Now, read the Privacy Statement of Garmin by clicking the “View Privacy Statement” option. Reading the document and tap the “Yes” button for accepting it. 

  5. Consequently, the method of installation will begin. await the completion of the method . 

  6. Once the method gets completed, it'll open the most window of the appliance . 

  7. In the home page, click the “Sync” choice to upload your data to Garmin Connect.

  8. After syncing, all the available updates on your device will display. 

  9. Click the “Install” / “Install All” option for installing the updates available for your device. 

  10. If prompted during the method , then read the document of updated terms and conditions and click on the “Accept” button. 

  11. This will begin the installation of the updates. After completion of the method , you'll see a message: “You are up-to-date”.

This is the entire guide of Garmin Express. Following these above-given procedures will assist you to stay your device updated with the newest software and maps. Using up-to-date device will assist you to reinforce your on the road experience.

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How do I connect Garmin Express to Garmin 


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